What is Cirkitree?

Cirkitree was created for people passionate about building things with technology. Our hope is to create a learning platform, supplemented with an online store, for people who want to build various products with technology and have fun.

They are the dreamers, engineers and innovators that get a thrill in putting together something that works and experiencing new technologies. The platform will be for both, the engineer and the beginner alike giving them a chance to share common experiences with others, in turn, enhancing the maker community. The goal is to develop a platform where we can collaborate and channelise our energy into something creative.

Cirkitree is designed to empower the makers. It has just enough humour, technology and information to appeal to the maker crowd as a whole. We hope to entertain, educate and elevate our makers as we move forward with introducing the latest products.

Please see – We believe age is just a number and Cirkitree is about every person, regardless of how diverse they may be.

Who are we?

We are engineers from the best engineering colleges of India (IIT, NSIT, DTU etc), who are smitten by technology. We love building things.

In this process of building things, we often faced numerous problems about understanding new concepts and getting the right components. This realisation coupled with India’s growing need to make things in India led us into this endeavour.

Why do we care?

Here are some facts:

  1. In India, 1 Million (10 Lac) Indians, will turn 18, every month for the next 10 years.
  2. Each year 1.5 Million engineers graduate, but more than 80% of them are not employable.
  3. India imports $300 Billion worth of electronics every year. All this electronics that we love to use, is neither designed nor made in India.

We have a large percentage of the population which is unemployable, the youth population is still increasing. So, if we do not TAKE ACTION now, we may end up in a world is not as beautiful as it could be.

Therefore, we decided to do something about it, and help the people learn about technology in a most affordable and convenient way.

What can you DO?

If you are a school student, you are welcome to our website. Visit our home page to get started with your journey of making cool things. Have fun!

If you are a college student, you are welcome to our website. You can explore our articles section to learn something new. Our basic kits can help you too, to get started with electronics. Have fun!

If you are a parent, you could involve your child into more meaningful pursuits. If your child enjoys building or breaking things, this could be a hobby which can turn into a profession for her/him. You could use our articles to help your child learn something new. If you are too busy to get involved you can introduce them to our clubs.

If you are a school teacher/ administrator, you could take steps to promote more skill based learning and promoting electronics in your institution.

Here is what you can do:

  • Participate in Atal Tinkering Lab (ATL), it is a branch of Atal Innovation Mission which itself is an initiative under Make In India. It is an attempt to promote innovation and inculcate maker mindset among the children.
  • Set up an Electronics Lab – Recall how computer labs and smart classrooms have become a common place in your school today. Till now, we have been consuming the technology but now it is time for us to get behind the scenes. Due to the growing use of electronics in our everyday life, it is inevitable that electronics labs would find their place in each school.

In case you need any help with either of the above, write to us at contact@cirkitree.com/